At Intel, we are more than just a technology provider – we are dedicated to creating and integrating silicon and edge-native software to accelerate our customers’ journey towards total system solutions. In line with this commitment, we are pleased to announce new Edge and Networking Accelerators (in addition to our current AI Accelerator) as well as Partner Activation Zones within the Intel Partner Alliance.

Intel Partner Alliance Accelerators

Intel Partner Alliance Accelerator initiatives are an innovative way for us to build a robust ecosystem while delivering more value to our partners around strategic market opportunities.

Through Accelerators, we provide technical enablement and go-to-market benefits, empowering qualified partners to scale solutions effectively. Qualified Intel Partner Alliance members will not only benefit from direct access to Intel expertise, but they will also get tech support that will fast track new solutions to market. We are here to support our partners in each stage of innovation.

New: Edge Accelerator

Qualified IoT and edge solution providers obtain access to benefits (financial and non-financial) so they can leverage Intel edge platforms to develop mature, ready-to-deploy solutions. These solutions deliver near-real time insights and elevated experiences for a variety of industries and can be scaled through deployment partners.

New: Networking Accelerator

Strategic partners get access to Intel technologies and development tools to drive the next wave of innovative networking solutions in 5G wireless core, vRAN, and security. Intel is also offering expanded benefits such as high-touch technical support, customizable training, and access to Marketing Development Funds for qualified partners.

Intel has enabled over 600 global networking partners and driven thousands of tested, real-world implementations and turnkey solutions to accelerate cloud-native networks. Whether it’s an ISV designing a SASE solution from the ground up, a system integrator building on our reference architectures, or a ready-to-deploy solution from our equipment providers, Intel is the most deployed set of network technologies the world builds on.

AI Accelerator

Launched in 2022, our AI Accelerator gives partners access to AI benefits, when they use the latest AI technology with Intel-based software and solutions for computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition, advanced analytics, and AI Platform-as-a-Service. And, in 2023, we announced the industry’s first AI PC Acceleration program to enable AI on more than 100 million PCs through 2025.

Comprehensive Get-to-Market Resources: By qualifying for our Accelerators, partners can gain access to valuable training assets, technical enablement, and tech support. This enables partners to efficiently bring solutions to market. The Intel Partner Alliance empowers teams to innovate and succeed.

Connecting Partners for Mutual Growth: Through the Intel Partner Showcase, partners can search, evaluate, and connect with other like-minded entities to discover the latest software, components and other market-ready solutions. Partner matchmaking during events, including the Intel LOEM Summit and Intel ON events series, fosters collaboration and showcases impactful hardware and software solutions.

Partner Activation Zones: A Game-Changer for Intel Partner Alliance

We are also excited to be launching Partner Activation Zones, a new experience delivered through Intel Partner Alliance. Born out of partner feedback, Activation Zones are curated, task-focused workspaces that enable a digital-first approach to activate our partners to build, market, and sell products and solutions based on Intel technology.

Activation Zones are always centered around a market opportunity, providing a simple one-click approach for partners to access critical information, resources, and benefits aligned to support their business needs. The first set of Partner Activation Zones we are launching focus on the Networking, Intelligent Edge, and Manufacturing market opportunities. We will continue to add to our portfolio of Activation Zones throughout 2024.