Virtual Security Operations Center (vSOC)

Flexibility, Minimal Setup, and Maximum Scalability

24/7 Enterprise Security Monitoring

Xnetvisibility’s Threat & Vulnerability Management  team provides 24/7 enterprise security monitoring using cloud-based architecture. Xnetvisibility’s cloud-based architecture allows a completely remote team to deliver the same experience of having an in-house SOC. This virtual approach allows for flexibility, minimal setup, and maximum scalability.

Xnetvisibility provides a wide array of support for both commercial and custom solutions that provide various forms of security monitoring. From file integrity monitoring to security incident event monitoring, we have an evolved security program that will prove more efficient.

File Integrity Monitoring

While most organizations let security product software companies implement their file integrity monitoring, this can lead to an enormous overhead of addressing thousands of false positives.

Xnetvisibility provides managed services that denote which files are most crucial to your operations and lines of business and address false-positives so only relevant alerts are delivered to technicians.

SIEM Monitoring

Xnetvisibility team looks beyond broken signature-based approaches that create needless busy work and focus on attack patterns that map to a threat model.

Avoiding false-positive alerts and focusing on the severity and likelihood of attacks, Xnetvisibility allows companies to pay attention to the most important issues while safely ignoring the noise.